David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt’s Arraignment in San Francisco

On Wednesday, May 3rd 2017, members of the Center
for Medical Progress, David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, were arraigned in San
Francisco at the Hall of Justice. Prior
to the check-in I was standing outside the hall with my standard sign I bring
to all pro-life events in San Francisco, bearing the slogan for the
organization which I represent, Secular Pro-Life. It reads “Call me an extremist, but I think
dismemberment is wrong – Pro-Life Atheist”. The very first person I encountered was Sandra
herself!  She seemed in good spirits and
was excited to see some support. She
wanted to know right away about the secular point of view and insisted we
exchange numbers so that we could talk more about secular outreach! She
explained that she was prepared to be taken into custody that morning and was
ready for whatever happened.  We took a
selfie together and I gave her a hug of support.  

Then more of our group began to arrive. We had about 10-15 young people holding
pro-life signs in a matter of minutes on the steps of the hall. Thanks to the efforts of SFLA’s Camille
Rodriguez we had attracted young people from all over California. Their signs
read “PP buys Becerra”, a reference to the California Attorney General who has
charged David and Sandra, and who has publically accepted thousands of dollars
in donations from Planned Parenthood. Other signs included “Planned Parenthood
Literally Sells Baby Parts” with a copy of the actual contract between PP Mar
Monte and Stem Express. Also “We Stand with David”, “We Stand with Sandra”, and the ever popular “We are the pro-life
generation”. We had quite a presence by
the time David arrived and he seemed pleased and optimistic about the day, despite the seriousness of it all. 

Shortly after the check-in at 8:30, David was released and
Sandra was taken into custody. David had been booked previously in Los Angeles
and posted bail at that time. The
arraignment was set for 1:30PM that afternoon. We agreed to reconvene at that time.
By 1:00 PM almost our entire initial group, including some
additions, gathered again on the steps of the Hall to ensure a display of
support for David as he arrived once again. We were quite the spectacle and I was pleased with the turn-out.
We entered two separate courts where we were asked to
proceed to another room. Finally, the
third being the charm, the arraignment began. The courtroom was small, but we filled it
completely. It was a satisfying display
of support.  
Sandra’s counsel argued for her release based on the unlikelihood
that she might flee. He pointed out that
she was faced with similar charges in Texas and flew to the state to face those
charges. She does not have  a passport, the case is not new (dating back
to 2015), and the fact that she is a grandmother living with her daughters were
all highlighted by her attorney. The
Deputy District Attorney arguing on behalf of Attorney General Becerra argued
that although Sandra was not a flight risk, there were 15 “victims” (meaning
those individuals recorded without their consent-in public spaces!) bail should
remain at $75,000. The judge agreed with
the Deputy District Attorney. 
David and Sandra’s new hearing was set for June 8th,
2017. Likely arguments will be heard at that
time so mark your calendars now!
After the hearing Pro-Life Future of San Francisco, of which
I am the President, arranged a press conference outside the hall. Words were shared from David, myself,
Jonathan Keller of California Family Council, as well as others.  

Please continue to support David and Sandra by donating to
their defense, and spreading the news that they are innocent and Planned
Parenthood and their paid-for-prosecutors are guilty!

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