Democratic Platform ProLife?

Currently the democratic platform’s party states its unequivocal support for Roe v. Wade and says, “we oppose any and all efforts to weaken or undermine that right.” However, some democrats in the party have recently suggested, at a committee meeting, that the language should be changed to allow some diversity of opinion on the issue within the party.

Part of the reason for allowing the open stance on life is out of fear of losing more of the House and the Senate in the 2012 election. Members of the party believe it would be advantageous, especially considering a recent Gallup poll where 44% of democrats shockingly said they thought abortion should only be legal “in a few circumstances”.

The efforts to acknowledge respect for human life to the party platform have been shut down for the most part; however, it will be interesting to see what the party decides down the road since ultimately they are politicians who need the votes and if society continues the trend of becoming more pro-life this may have a significant impact on the party. In the meantime President of NARAL Nancy Keenan, who is on the committee discussing the proposed changes to the party platform, has been quick to push for maintaining the unwavering pro-abortion position for the democratic party.

Stay tuned . . .

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Abandoned: The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars

This fall a new pro-life book will be released titled Abandoned: The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars. What makes this book stand out from other pro-life books available is that it tells the story of the impact of Roe v Wade from a woman’s perspective.

Heart wrenching stories and motivation will draw you in as you read this biography by Dr. Monica Miller.

Jill Stanek of wrote in a recent article after having pre-read the book of stories Monica shares . . . “What was it like to be the first to actually creep into back alleys and warehouses in the dead of night to pick aborted babies out of the trash?”

Stay tuned as the book is published this fall. Pre-oder today and receive 35% off.

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FBI Visits ProLife Advocate’s Home

Andy & Son

Since the Obama Administration took over in 2009 there have been a series of  FBI interrogations of pro-life advocates. Most recently a friend of mine, Andy Moore, received a knock at his door and, to his surprise, was confronted by FBI agents. The agents asked a number of questions, some of which being very personal, and dug deep concerning other members of the pro-life movement. 

The FBI house visit was very peaceful; however, it was rather unnecessary. Andy is an immigrant from New Zealand and the agents made a comment implying if he had a felony on his record, “You wouldn’t want to be apart from your wife and newborn.”

I believe this is quite a threat, especially considering that Andy is a very peaceful pro-life advocate and would not break the law while trying to help women in need. Yes, pro-life activism comes in many forms, with some tactics being more forward than others, but Andy has always been a peaceful activist. 

Read more of the story from Jill Stanek’s website or World Net Daily

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The Abortion Queen in Mississippi

Mississippi recently passed a law requiring that abortionists be OB-GYNs with the ability to admit patients to a local hospital if necessary. This new law has come close to shutting down the last abortion clinic in Mississippi which is owned by Diane Derzis — also known as the ‘Abortion Queen’.

The ‘Abortion Queen’s’ clinic has been all over the news today because she has filed a lawsuit seeking to stop the new law that puts women’s safety at the front of the issue. She insists the law is unnecessary and could drive her out of business.

After doing some research I discovered this so called ‘Abortion Queen’ is actually a familiar face. Last year while in Birmingham, Alabama I met the woman outside her clinic (which is now closed) as I was part of a group that re established peaceful prayer and life affirming counseling on the public sidewalk in front of one of her then three clinics.

The woman was shocking to say the least. She stood infront of her clinic yelling and singing in a floor length fur coat.

While the ‘Abortion Queen’ has spent many years in the industry and continues to fight to keep her businesses running, she brings hope to those who work within the pro-life movement. She made the following comment to the Associated Press:

“They’re going to keep coming back. They’re not going to be satisfied until they (pro-lifers) have driven us out of business.”

I think everybody can see that. She’s absolutely right, and would know from first hand experience.

So while things may be overwhelming and we feel like abortion continues to become a bigger monster, I encourage you to remember that life affirming laws are being passed, clinics are being closed, and those in the abortion industry are getting sick and tired of the persistence of pro-life advocates.

Continue to fight the fight and put on the pressure and you will continue to see clinics closed; but more importantly lives saved and women not subject to such degrading and unsafe ‘reproductive care’.

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Surgery in Utero Removes Tumor

I came across a story on Live Action News this morning and had to share. . . The first successful surgery on an unborn child in the womb to remove tumor was recently performed. The surgery was a success and the baby was born with nothing but a little scar on her lip. (read the story at Live Action News). 

It is so beautiful to see all that can be accomplished within the mother’s womb from how quickly the child develops to how a successful surgery can be performed on a child when a tumor is detected. Yet, simultaneously the unborn children’s value is not always upheld and such efforts are not taken to protect their lives.

Never forget the true wonder of the unborn and how precious their life is. 

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Supreme Court Decision: Open Door for Free Abortion

This morning the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold President Obama’s Healthcare law, much to the dismay of pro-life advocates across the country, came as a shock. Setting aside whether or not we are in favor of the Obama administration’s healthcare reform legislation, this healthcare mandate is the largest abortion expansion since Roe v. Wade.

President Obama has opened the doors to federally funded abortion, and other so called “preventive services” that go against the conscience of millions of Americans. There is a false belief that the Hyde Amendment will prohibit federal funds from paying for abortion. Unfortunately, the reality is that American’s will be forced pay into insurance programs that will provide elective abortions.

As a taxpayer, and a woman, I say we should not be forced to pay for elective abortions, nor should we treat women’s bodies as if they are deficient and need free fixing. Under President Obama’s healthcare law, with no copayment, women will receive such life destroying services, while those who are in need of other truly vital medical assistance for non reproductive reasons will not always receive the same free care; many true health care procedures will not be covered even with a co-payment.

We will not be silent as we are forced to participate in the destruction of human life and as women’s bodies are treated as deficient objects. Stand for freedom and the protection of our Constitutional rights before it is too late.

For the
Dignity of the Born and Unborn,

Pressure To Abort After Diagnosis

Instead of writing this week there are two stories I would like to share with you surrounding misdiagnosis of the child’s health condition while in utero. These misdiagnosis that have lead to women being faced with a difficult choice.

What I would like to point out is that doctors are often wrong when diagnosing babies in the womb and many children are missing today because of this diagnosis followed by pressure to abort. Here are just two stories showing the struggle many parents face today:

A seven month pre-born baby in Vietnam was diagnosed by ultrasound as having a disability and was aborted. When family went to barry the aborted child she was still alive: story on Life News.

In 1994 a doctor told parents that their child was at high risk of having a blood disorder which both parents carried and advised them to abort. The little girl is now getting ready to graduate high school: Alyssa shares her story.

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Development of Life – From Nobel Prize Winner

TED produced a video of fetal development from conception to birth using x-ray scanning technology. This video was made by a Nobel Prize winner.

A friend sent this video to me a few weeks ago and I’ve re-posted on social media. I thought it was pretty incredible from the moment I saw it, yet it wasn’t anything I didn’t already know. I see how beautiful the creation of life is and how phenomenal the development of the child is. . . But I can hardly believe others don’t see this.

I’ve been shocked to see how awestruck so many people are by this video. It’s like they’ve never seen anything like it before and like they had no idea life was developing so. Check it out and tell me what you think:

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CA Working to Legalize Non-Doctors Performing Abortion

The California Senate is still working to legalize nurses, midwives, and physician assistent’s ability to perform abortions. Please read my post with details from last week

Since then, California Senate Bill 1338 passed in one of the Senate Committees and is on to another today. Please take immediate action to prevent this mass abortion expansion. This legislation would not only put more pre-born children’s lives at risk but would give women healthcare that is not what they deserve. 

Action: Contact Senate Business and Professions Committee Members and ask:
“Please vote no on SB 1338. Women deserve better than relegating their medical care to subordinate health care workers.”
For the Dignity of the Born and Unborn,


TAKE ACTION: CA Senate to Vote to Allow Non-Doctors to Perform Abortions

The California Senate’s Economic Development Committee intends to vote Tuesday on SB 1338 which, if passed, would allow midwives, nurses, and physician assistants to perform “suction” abortions.

If this bill were to pass, it would lead to a mass expansion of abortion in the state of California. Areas where abortions are not currently performed because they lack an abortionist would be able to perform abortions. Many of the Planned Parenthood clinics that do not perform abortions could begin providing abortions on demand without a doctor on site.

Before being allowed to perform abortions, non-doctors would receive training from the Health Workforce Pilot project. Dana Cody, of the Life Legal Defense Foundation has filed a motion concerning this training which, she shares, is already being done.

“We want to see who’s involved in the training. We want to see the accounting,” she says. “Is this just more money going to clinics? Because they’re certainly not doing the training at U.C.; they’re giving it to clinics to do the training. Do these clinics have good records? Are they clean? Are they complying with health codes?”

Midwives to go from delivering
to taking baby’s lives?

Not only would this be a mass expansion of abortion, SB 1338 will open the doors for further malpractice suits because of inadequate health standards surrounding abortion practices. Are women being considered first and foremost in this decision? I would beg to differ.

Please call the Senators on the committee today, it only takes a few minutes, and send them the following message:

“Please vote no on SB 1338. Women deserve better than relegating their medical care to subordinate health care workers.”

Senator Curren Price
Los Angeles Phone: (213) 745-6656 Fax: (213) 745-6722
Sacramento Phone: (916) 651-4026 Fax: (916) 445-8899

Senator Bill Emerson
Riverside Phone: (951) 680-6750 Fax: (951) 680-6757
Sacramento Phone: (916) 651-4037 Fax: (916) 327-2187

Senator Tony Strickland
Simi Valley Phone: (805) 306-8886 Fax: (805) 306-8899
Sacramento Phone: (916) 651-4019 Fax: (916) 324-7544

Senator Mark Wyland
San Juan Capistrano Phone: (949) 489-9838 Fax: (949) 489-8354
Sacramento Phone: (916) 651-4038 Fax: (916) 446-7382

Senator Ellen Corbett
San Leandro Phone: (510) 577-2310 Fax: (510) 577-2308
Sacramento Phone: (916) 651-4010 Fax: (916) 327-2433

Senator Lou Correa
Santa Ana Phone: (714) 558-4400 Fax: (714) 558-4111
Sacramento Phone: (916) 651-4034 Fax: (916) 323-2323

Senator Ed Hernandez
West Covina Phone: (626) 430-2499 Fax: (626) 430-2494
Sacramento Phone: (916) 651-4024 Fax: (916) 445-0485

Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod
Montclair Phone: (909) 621-2783 Fax: (909) 621-7483
Sacramento Phone: (916) 651-4032 Fax: (916) 445-0128

Senator Juan Vargas
Chula Vista Phone: (619) 409-7690 Fax: (619) 409-7688
Sacramento Phone: (916) 651-4040 Fax: (916) 327-3522

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