The “abortions” that weren’t

By now, you’ve probably heard about the arrest of Oklahoma abortionist Nareshkumar Patel. He “is being accused of fraud, telling women they were pregnant when they weren’t and then giving them abortion-inducing drugs.”

Nothing about the abortion industry truly surprises me anymore, but this did strike me as a little odd. Are there not enough real crisis pregnancies to keep all the abortion centers in business? Or did he just get greedy?

Interestingly, Patel isn’t the first to pad his clientele this way. In fact, his scam is over three decades old.

In 1978, Chicago Sun-Times reporters went undercover and got enough dirt for a twelve-part series, The Abortion Profiteers. They found that “abortions” on women who weren’t pregnant were a regular occurrence. Mind you, that was long before the era of RU-486; they were doing surgical procedures on women who weren’t pregnant. Patel merely updated the practice.

Without regular undercover investigations, it’s impossible to say how common this is. It certainly raises some questions:

  • Activists on both sides of the aisle generally treat the Guttmacher Institute’s abortion statistics as the most reliable, but those figures originate with reports from the abortionists themselves. Are non-lethal “abortions” being counted? 
  • Have any women been injured or killed by complications from fake abortions? 
  • And how many women are beating themselves up for having killed their children… who didn’t?

I don’t have any answers to those questions, but I hope to see more undercover investigations of this nature.

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  1. Synthia Dennard died from complications of an abortion performed when she wasn't even pregnant.

  2. If anybody can check Atlanta newspaper archives or do a docket search, I remember reading that the mother of Deloris Smith (sp?) sued after her daughter's death, saying that the pregnancy test they'd done prior to the abortion had actually come up negative.

  3. "Sandra" committed suicide after an abortion sold to her when she hadn't been pregnant.

  4. The situation is exactly the same in Japan, where abortion is totally a non-issue. 90% of the populace supports the right to have one,there is no pro-life movement (and also no young earth creationists and evolution deniers – beliefs that are wrongly held by so many of the pro-lifers in the US), yet abortion rates have naturally declined 5-fold from the time it became practically legal. We also have among the longest life-expectancies in the world, life is valued.

    Maybe these the mainstream US pro-lifers should start realizing that THEY are the problems. Get rid of them, make them learn science and face reality, and poof, abortion becomes a regulated and safe industry, and the abortion rate declines all by itself.

  5. Interesting, if predictable, that prolifers care nothing for the 800 girls and women dying annually in the US of pregnancy/childbirth, but pretend loudly that they care about each one of the miniscule number of womsn who died after/because of abortion.

    The US is the only developed country with a rising maternal mortality rate. Not a mattrr of concern for prolifers, obviously.

  6. While I am against medical fraud, which this most definitely is an example of, the questions you ask are rather one sided.

    **Have any women been injured or killed by complications from fake abortions?**
    Possibly. I notice you are avoiding mentioning those women who have been inured and killed by complications of pregnancy and birth.

    **And how many women are beating themselves up for having killed their children… who didn't?**

    And how many supposedly pro-lifers go merrily on their way when their own pwecious widdle zygotes fail to implant, rather than holding tampon funerals, which one would normally expect if they REALLY believed that zygote was a 'real baby for sure'.

  7. And how about the women who were literally tortured By having their pubic bones cut with a saw because contraception is immoral, and every baby must be born?

  8. Why don't you do the necessary homework to assert your case, and prove the assertion, since your site of choice doesn't seem to like to post any thing verifiable.

  9. I am not catholic, but it appears this organization does good work for women with 'crisis' pregnancies–

    They support crisis pregnancy centers, help women get ultrasound scans and free pregnancy tests and help them find supplies and shelter. The prolife movement needs more of this kind of work.

    Although this is the secular prolife site, I trust that it's ok to share resources from faith-based organizations whose interests are aligned with the secular prolife movement. Thnaks.

  10. Thanks for this piece. I hadn't thought about Patel's scam in terms of your final question, regarding women who may be suffering mentally/emotionally for an abortion they didn't actually have.

    Personally, I've been waiting for all the pro-'choice' activists to decry this exploitation of vulnerable women…

  11. You and plump dumbling are mere pro-abortion trolls. That I point out your hatred of unborn persons is no reason for me not to be allowed to post here.

  12. I also notice that you are not mentioning the numerous examples of pro-life medical fraud. Such as, for instance, deliberately mislabelling pictures of embryos and fetuses, such as taking a picture of a 3 month fetus and labelling it '1 month'. Or speeding up a videotape of an abortion at selected points, without telling the viewer that you are doing so, in order to make it appear than an embryo is reacting to a suction device, when it actually has no reaction at all.

  13. **Personally, I've been waiting for all the pro-'choice' activists to decry this exploitation of vulnerable women**

    You are a liar. I specifically said below:

    –While I am against medical fraud, which this most definitely is an example of–

    I'd say stating that I am against medical fraud, and that this was an example of medical fraud does, in fact, constitute 'decrying' it.

    Now, when do we get to see the forced gestationers decrying all their medical fraud, such as labelling pictures of fetuses with ages far younger than they actually are, enlarging and speeding up videotapes of embryos, and completely ludicrous claims like a month old embryo being 8 inches long, and a 3 month fetus being able to hear and feel sad, despite having no brain function (which is necessary for hearing and emotions).

  14. Liar. Read my post. I specifically said that this was an example of medical fraud, and I was against it. I am against all forms of fraud and attempts to make people engage in irrational decisions.

  15. Yes you are wrong. Nobody sane isn't upset about fraud in healthcare, in all it's forms. That being said, there are charlatans out there. Patients owe it to themselves to trust, but verify. All these places out there offering free pregnancy tests, the availability of highly accurate home pregnancy tests (as accurate as those used by clinics) for a very reasonable price, and some women can't be bothered to get a second opinion, even if it's a home pregnancy test or one of the free tests available at so-called pregnancy centers before submitting to an abortion? That's really hard to believe. Come on, ladies. Peeing on a stick isn't rocket science. It's not as though you're required to read and interpret an MRI. So frankly, I can't have much sympathy in this instance. Women are not required to be "vulnerable." And if you don't do some due diligence, you make yourself a target. You wouldn't have any other kind of surgery without more than one opinion. And this 'other opinion' isn't even costly.

  16. He's lately been humping my leg with his inane ad hominems. I don't understand why he hasn't been banned, either. The only upvotes he gets are his own. However, I wouldn't say that his presence here necessarily implies support of abusive men. It's just a matter of no moderation. He serves his purpose in reminding both sides of the definition of trolling.

  17. Frankly, that's a difficult leap. Nobody commits suicide over being ripped off for an unnecessary medical procedure. Obviously there were other issues with this person. Even if you know her *personally* you do not know her mind and what her thinking processes were, or her mental health state prior to the fake "abortion," This is why it's hard to take some of you people seriously. You talk too much when it's plain you know not of what you speak. Your comment is a great example of that problem.

  18. Liar. Why don't you stick to your nonsense words like 'widdle', 'feelies' and so forth. If I overlooked what you said, that doesn't make me a liar, 'Ann'.

  19. What's wrong with them? I don't know much about their organization, but it appears (at least from internet-based info) that they do far more good than your darling, eugenics-based Planned Parenthood. At least they're not killers like Planned Parenthood and its pro-abortion apologists here.

  20. Come on, killer nurse, where is your proof that 'Nobody commits suicide over being ripped off for an unnecessary medical procedure'? You'd much rather absolve your pro-abortion killers of blame and blame the victim.

    Also, why are you appropriating African-American culture?


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